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Karin Tenelius

Karin Tenelius has been experimenting with employee-driven organisations and self-managing teams since the nineties.  While studying marketing in her twenties, Karin became interested in a leadership style that is not founded on hierarchical principles. She studied books by Ricardo Semler and became inspired by these ideas. In 1999, she got the opportunity to try the ideas in practice. Astonished by the power and capacity that arose in her co-workers, she saw how effective this way of working is and what incredible results come out of it.

Several businesses in deep financial troubles were turned around in a very short time by this way of leading and organizing. She founded a company – Tuff Leadership Training – to provide training in the skills needed to succeed for managers who wanted to lead in a more co-worker involving way. But that was not enough to change the mutual “stuckness” in hierarchical organizing, so to produce more material of evidence she started to acquire and build more businesses in different sectors, run in an employee-driven way. Her entrepreneurship is driven by a strong vision to contribute to the change of society, focusing on creating workplaces that works for people and take out the best in them.

Karin will be sharing the approach she has developed, which involves “giving all of the authority away” and then coaching people in a higher level of communication skills, resulting in radical and rapid transformations.