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Thursday, April 11


Jumping In Head First and Winning - Torrey Powell
Jumping In Head First and Winning

Technology leaders are very intrigued by Mob Programming and the potential that the practice has for their organization. However, change is hard and obstacles arise that present challenges to successfully adopt the practice. All of these challenges can be overcome allowing for a game-changing transformation in your organization.

We will have a combination of lecture and interactive breaks where we can learn together from the experiences of the group. In the end, we’ll be empowering the attendees to break down the barriers that stop the implementation of Mob Programming.

avatar for Torrey Powell

Torrey Powell

Torrey has been a technological innovator and leader for over 18 years. As CTO of a law enforcement software company, he constantly defied the industry norms and pushed the boundaries in technology that allowed the company to flourish. At the age of 24, Torrey was named to the Utah... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 11:00am - 11:50am


The Self-Organizing Team - Karin Tenelius
The Self-Organizing Team

Karin has been experimenting with employee-driven organisations and self-managing teams since the nineties. She shares the approach she’s developed which involves “giving all of the authority away” and then coaching people in a higher level of communication skills, resulting in radical and rapid transformations.
Listen to learn about how she transformed nearly a dozen companies and the successes (and failures) she encountered along the way.

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Karin Tenelius

Karin Tenelius has been experimenting with employee-driven organisations and self-managing teams since the nineties.  While studying marketing in her twenties, Karin became interested in a leadership style that is not founded on hierarchical principles. She studied books by Ricardo Semler and... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 1:30pm - 2:30pm


Mob Programming - A Systems Approach - Matt Ferguson
Mob Programming - A Systems Approach

This presentation is meant to evaluate the practice of Mob programming from a systems engineering perspective. It seeks to evaluate the practice from the point of the high leverage activities of Reinforcing Feedback Loops, Information Flows, Rules, Self Organization, Goals, Paradigms and Transcending Paradigms. As the CTO of Zeeto, Matt Ferguson has been leveraging Mob Programming with a team of 30 engineers. His team has accumulated great evidence that this practice works, but why? This presentation will not teach you Mob programming - there are lots of great sources for the practice from others. But it will explore why it works and maybe from this you take lessons learned back to your existing process to make it better.

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Matt Ferguson

Fergie is a senior technology leader, software engineer, data engineer, system architect and as needed a product manager with a track record of building successful teams and products across industries. Fergie has been able to leverage his hands on technical skills, engineering management... Read More →

Thursday April 11, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm
Friday, April 12


How to Support a Mob Programming Initiative, for Executives - Marc Kase
How to Support a Mob Programming Initiative, for Executives

Agile practices like Mob Programming can get stalled or even derailed by belief systems that are part of the current culture yet are incongruent with company and personal values. One classic example is that almost every manager states "empowerment" as a core value, yet many of them exert disempowering levels of control over their teams.  

This interactive session explores the values and belief systems that might lie beneath the questions Mob Programming sponsors will face. By better-understanding how the questions they encouter reflect the current-state of the company culture, executives might be able to drive alignment of values, beliefs and actions and accelerate the adoption of innovative practices like Mob Programming.

avatar for Marc Kase

Marc Kase

Marc Kase is the Managing Partner at Achieve Agility, Inc.For the past 30 years, he’s spent his IT career helping companies adopt ideas and technology that sounded crazy at the time, but later became as ubiquitous as personal computers, the Internet, ERP systems, and Agile development... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 10:00am - 10:50am


Myths and Patterns of Organizational Change - Linda Rising
Myths and Patterns of Organizational Change

You have great ideas. You're smart. The people in your organization are smart. Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc -- the rest is easy -- simply make a transition plan and transparently explain the benefits. These and other organizational change myths will be tackled by Linda's talk about patterns for introducing new ideas. She will provide some useful tips for helping you start on Monday morning to grow any innovation step by step.

avatar for Linda Rising

Linda Rising

Dr. Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives near Nashville, Tennessee. She is an internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, agile development, and the change process, and has written and contributed to many books and numerous articles... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 12:30pm - 1:30pm


Flat Department; Being More Productive with No Managers - Chris Lucian
Flat Department; Being More Productive with No Managers

At Hunter Industries, the software development department has a flat structure with management H.O.As (Homeowners Associations) these groups exist to ensure an experimentation loop on each distinct process in the department allowing the team to evolve quickly and effectively.
This followed many experiments of introducing decentralized management into the team. We were able to over deliver with our management Kanban process, and retrospected away from it. We found new ways of managing the work to support the construct of self-organizing teams. In this environment of experimentation, the department is able to regularly improve on each of its processes without having to be designed by a single element of a hierarchy.

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Chris Lucian

I'm Chris Lucian, the director of software development at Hunter Industries and a founder of mob programming. I am passionate about the advancement of software craftsmanship and machine learning. I seek the continuous improvement of myself, my family, my company, and my community... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 1:45pm - 2:35pm


Recipe for Mobbing: Taking Developers with Unique Flavors and Organizing Them Into a Tasty Meal - Charlie King
Recipe for Mobbing: Taking Developers with Unique Flavors and Organizing Them Into a Tasty Meal

We’ve been told that forming Mobs will increase productivity and job satisfaction. But an ill formed mob can be inefficient, deteriorate code quality and influence quality employees to leave. The truth is understanding the individual personalities of the mob, and using that knowledge to form smart mobs is a worthwhile approach. Smart mobs unlock the power of Mob Programming. It’s time to form well balanced, smart mobs to push your mob experience to the next level, and to increase job satisfaction of the team.

avatar for Charlie King

Charlie King

Charlie King is team lead and senior software engineer at Clearlink in Utah.  His career in the software industry has taken him on an interesting journey.  He has juggled excessive amounts of client work, devised enterprise software solutions, managed small intimate teams, and jumbled... Read More →

Friday April 12, 2019 2:45pm - 3:45pm